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OOC Information:
Name: Al
Age: 20
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IC Information:
Name: Clark Kent (Kal-El / Superman)
Fandom: Superman: The animated series (DC Animated Universe)
Timeline: Season 3, after Knight time 
Age: Past his twenties, let’s say 25?


As Clark Kent, he works hard not to be noticed, and that shows on his appearance too. Tall, but not too tall. Well-build, but not to the point of being noticeable because of it (mostly because he hides himself inside of his way-too-big suits). He uses glasses to hide his bright blue eyes, has dark soft hair slicked back to hide a certain curl, a shy smile that he usually hides behind his computer or the book or newspaper he’s reading... he just looks really average, in every sense. He’s handsome if you stop and look at him twice, but you probably won’t unless somebody points it out to you.

As Superman, however… he’s himself, in all of his ‘glory’. He lets his hair free, the playful curl bobbing against his hair as he flies. The costume, bright vivid colors, is thought to draw attention to himself; not as a way to seek attention though, it’s just another way to make sure any possible attacks go directed at him instead of innocent by-standers.
He’s muscular, big and tall (exact same size as Clark Kent, how curious), and has powerful blue eyes that turn red every time he uses his heath vision.

OH and his chin is quite square-y. I personally find it cute.

So tl;dr: he’s tall, strong and good-looking in that Kansas farmboy kind of way. He might not be the Hollywoodian ideal of beauty but he is really handsome, and that is specially seen when he’s floating around and wearing primary colors. He doesn't really differentiate from a human in any sense physically, but he's been told his eyes are from a color not seen on Earth before.

Most of my icons show him as Superman, and I have three of him as Clark.


Oh man, here we go. Kal was born Kryptonian, which means he’s a super-powered alien. His powers are:

- Superhuman strength (can move cars and stuff with relative ease, breaks things by touching them if he’s not careful, etc).
- Superhuman speed (He’s raced the Flash, js)
- Practically invulnerable (It’s been shown things like, idk a nuclear bomb hurt him).
- Quick healing.
- Ice (or Super)breath (he can hold back his breath for 2 hours or so, he’s been shown to need a space suit if he’s going to be in space for long).
- Heath-vision (aka has the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes).
- X-ray vision.
- Telescopic and microscopic vision.
- Super hearing.
- Eidetic memory (or photographic memory).
- Super stamina (takes a lot for him to get tired, doesn’t really need to sleep more than 3-4 hours a day…)
- Flight (the ability to control gravity’s pull as he pleases).

Feel free to tell me if I need to clarify any of them. Keep in mind they tend to… uh, be kind of variable, especially if you’re thinking comics canon. Writers, geez.

As for weaknesses (I suppose this would be the place to put them):

There’s the obvious Kryptonite, remains of his planet turned radioactive to him after it was destroyed. He’s also vulnerable to magic, as shown every time he fights Captain Marvel (whose powers come mostly from magic).
And finally, since his powers come from being born under a red sun (meaning his cells drink from the energy the Earth’s young yellow sun provides, giving him the super powers), he’d become powerless like a normal human being were he exposed to a red sun’s light again.


First of all, remember I’m taking him from the animated universe. Those familiar with his comics counterpart will find him… nicer, and maybe a little more of a doofus than he is in that universe. Clark is essentially the same, yes, but there are still a few changes and I just wanted to make that clear.

With that in mind… let’s start with Clark’s different personalities. He’s essentially the same when he’s being the farm boy shy guy than when he’s flying around in primary colors… but he works hard to keep people from recognizing them. It’s been argued that Clark Kent is the mask and Superman is the real personality… but in the animated universe is pretty clear his Superhero persona is the one he created to save the world, and he’s always been a humble boy from Kansas in the inside.

He’s not quiet or antisocial… he just takes a while to be completely open with people around him. He trusts people almost immediately and will probably believe everything you tell him if you don’t do anything to make him doubt… but he’s still reserved when it comes to some things. He’s unable to lie and you can read his body language like an open book if you want to though, so it never takes long for people to figure him out. Most people think he’s pulling a farm boy act at first, judging by how good he is at getting the best interviews and articles… but a few moments with him will convince you that it’s just who he is. He has a really big heart and he’s willing to help everybody, you see the guy practically oozes humility and naivety in every word.

He’s smart though, and he’s really good at writing. Even Lois admits she’s a little jealous about how he always seems to get the best news even when he apparently wasn’t there. Even as a kid he had always liked informing people and writing, and his parents encouraged it. When he decided to put on the red and blue suit to save the world, having first-hand access to natural disasters and stuff like that only came in handy.

He loves people, and he’s always surrounded by them. Not only that- he loves being liked, he has a need to please everybody and to make everybody happy that has gotten him in trouble more than once. Even if it’s somebody he usually dislikes (and trust me, that list is rather little), as soon as they need him he will run to help them with all he’s got. He thinks everybody deserves the chance to be happy and who’s him to deny them that. He will even do it anonymously sometimes- just seeing the look of happiness in the person he’s helped makes it worth it.

Which is what makes him so different than the other heroes. He doesn’t only save the city he’s in, he actually *cares*. He believes in rehabilitation programs, he always gives villains a second chance if they want it (and a third one, and a fourth one…) and if somebody calls his name he’ll do his best to be there for them. He’s not there just to kick villains butts either- stranded kittens, visiting prisons, youth detention centers and schools to give inspiratory speeches, giving old ladies a hand… there’s nobody too little for him. He’ll take care of everybody who wants him to, and then some who don’t actually want him to help them.

That’s another trait of him- he’s stubborn. He’s not used to being denied or not getting what he wants, so the few times when he doesn’t he tries his best to get it anyway. He isn’t spoiled at all though, he doesn’t ask for much. He comes from a humble family, and he’s never complained about it. He always helped his Pa and Ma when they needed it, and they didn’t even have to ask. He’s really, really proud of his family and he adores them so. He’s never hidden his origins (well, not when he’s Kent anyway) and he thinks he owes everything he is and has to his parents.

He’s also proud of his Kryptonian heritage. Some people say you can’t cry somebody you haven’t met- well, Clark is here to say you can. He didn’t really meet Jor-El or Lara (their Kryptonian parents), but he’s really proud of them and how brave they were by dooming themselves to save their only son. He didn’t build a statue of them on his fortress of solitude for no reason.


Okay, from the beginning. As stated earlier, Superman was born alien. His biological parents were Jor-El and Lara, and his birth name was Kal-El.
Lara was an artist, and Jor-El was a scientist. After studying some earthquakes that took place on the planet the later developed a horrible, but completely true theory: Krypton was going to end destroyed, and the only way they had to survive was to leave the planet as early as they could. Brainiac, the core computer and calculator of the planet seemed to disagree with him, claiming he had miscalculated.

However, time showed Brainiac was a traitor, and his only goal was to save itself no matter what the outcome. It was too late to save the planet, though… and Jor-El had only time to save his only child sending him to earth, along with a recorded message, and kissing his beloved woman as their world disappeared around them.

(By the way, most canons show Kal-El flying to earth in a spacecraft as a months-old baby, but he’s around 1-2 years in this one, able to walk and already utter some words).

We don’t know how much did it take, but the ship finally landed on Earth, in Kansas. Kal-El can’t still not believe his luck, since he was found by the two kindest people he could ever dream of: Jonathan and Martha Kent. Instead of giving him up to the authorities they decided to raise him as his son, naming him ‘Clark’ after Martha’s own maiden name.

He had a mostly normal childhood, and it isn’t until he hits adolescence that he begins to realize there’s something off with him. He explains to his girlfriend, Lana Lang how he sees things other people don’t, hears things he shouldn’t be able to… and don’t get me started on the things he can do with his strength. So he asks his parents what’s up with that… and gets way more than he had bargained for.

They explain to him where they found him, and give him the recorded message they found inside of his spacecraft. It activates under his touch, and shows him some things he needs to know about Krypton, and his parents. He doesn’t… take it well. He doesn’t want to be weird. He wants to be a human, a normal one.

He eventually leans to live with it, though. Still wishes to be normal sometimes, but only sometimes.

Fast-forward (from which we only know he studied journalism and spent a year ‘finding himself’ around the world), and Clark Kent has moved to Metropolis and has found a job as a journalist at the Daily Planet (one of the most famous newspapers in Metropolis, if not the world).

There he meets Perry White, the annoyingly loud editor of the Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen, the young, enthusiastic and friendly photographer that will become his not-superheroic best friend, and... well, Lois Lane. Ace reporter of the Daily Planet, seeker of the truth, intrepid and Clark’s biggest crush to date. Keep in mind that even if she doesn’t get mentioned in every single episode recap, she’s always by Clark’s side, either as Clark Kent or as Superman. With Clark she has a nice journalist rivalry. With Superman, the biggest crush there is. Clark doesn’t really know what to do with this double identity thing.

They are assigned to cover Lex Luthor’s presentation of his newest toy (a battle suit, figures). Lex is a very, very intelligent man, and his designs are famous around. So obviously terrorist try to steal it and oh- who’s that man wearing a blue and red suit… is he flying??!

That was the world’s first contact with Superman… and Superman’s first contact with Lex Luthor, who would become his most despised enemy. (Lois and him dated, by the way… but that isn’t used much in the story if only to make Clark slightly jealous). Superman manages to save the day and discovers that the terrorist were Lex Luthor’s plan all along, since he couldn’t legally sell the suits to the terrorist without destroying his ties with the US government.

In the meantime, Lois names Kal-El ‘the Superman’ in an article, earning him the now famous nickname. She finally gets a quick interview with him where he confesses being an alien, even if Lois doesn’t really believe him at first.

Later, one day… Superman is trying to stop some crooks from stealing on Luthor’s new museum when he suddenly grows faint, which had never happened to him before.
Lex Luthor revises the security tapes later, and correctly assumes he grew faint when he came close to the green rock that was being exposed. Superman and Lois consult the STAR labs about it, and they confirm it was the case of Superman’s sudden weakness. Since it came from his birth planet and was full of the radiation it produced while getting destroyed, it felt to Kal like pure plutonium would to humans. The Doctor also informs them that its radiation seems to get contained by lead. They nickname the rock Kryptonite.

Luthor tries to use the Kryptonite meteorite he has to kill Kal-El (He even uses a dinosaur robot!... and puts Lois’ life in danger) but Kal manages to contain it with lead and save the day once more. Another plan involving the damn green rock is to create Metalo, a skin-covered cyborg with a kryptonite heart using Corban (a terrorist). It backfires spectacularly when Corban realizes he can't feel anything, at all, not even when kissing Lois... and tries to get revenge on Luthor before he's stopped by Kal.

Clark has to face some villains that are created by accident... like Rudy Jones, a janitor that becomes 'parasite' after an accident with nuclear waste. He has the ability to suck on people's lives and power to eat, including superman

Then, some days later, a strangely robotic-like alien visits the earth. Their name? Brainiac. Sounds familiar?

They claim to be merely seeking knowledge, and they are willing to share everything they know about all the worlds they’ve visited… including weapons, advanced technology and similar stuff. Lex Luthor is, of course, all over that. However, they seem to be more interested in Kal-El the alien than the other humans. Clark isn’t really sure about that, but he accepts… as always, everybody deserves to be trusted at first.

Brainiac shows him the globes where he keeps the information he receives from each planet he visits, including- oh surprise- Krypton’s. He touches it and sees his father for a moment, transferring some of the memories to him. Thanks to that, he discovers Brainiac was the one who betrayed his father and his planet, and how he destroyed every single plan he visits. With Lex ‘nobody-touches-my-computers’ Luthor’s and Lois’ help, he manages to kick his metallic ass back to space. Kal keeps the little globe with Krypton’s knowledge on the artic, where it won’t be found. (Polar Bears do not count).

Since Kal-El was the only Kryptonian, a ‘collector’, the preserver, sent El Lobo to go after him to keep him in his personal zoo. Superman managed to get away using only his wit, and he saves all the animals and species the preserver had hidden, keeping them in the artic.

Then one day… guess who’s visiting Metropolis and now dating Lex Luthor? Clark’s high school sweetheart, Lana Lang, who’s now a really, really successful fashion designer. Clark doesn’t pass up on the opportunity to make Lois a little jealous by telling her. (She claims she isn’t).

Superman has to save Lana when she gets mugged by people trying to steal her jewels, and learns Lana knows of his secret identity. She knew what he could do in high school, and Superman appeared in Metropolis the same day Clark moved there. Doesn’t take a genius.

She keeps trying to convince Clark to let her be some kind of sidekick, but Clark is adamant about not putting her in danger, even after Lana confesses still having feelings for him. He turns her down nicely, and they manage to stop another one of Luthor’s evil plots involving weapons together.

We later meet Darkseid, one of Superman’s biggest foes apart from Lex Luthor when crime lord Mannheim practically (yet unknowingly) sells his soul for new weapons that’d be able to defeat Superman. Which didn’t really work out, since even when they managed to hurt him Superman was still able to defeat him anyway thanks to a police officer (Turpin)’s help.
Kal-El takes the chance to thank Turpin in front of everybody, and make sure everybody knows the police corps works hard to keep the crime to a minimum. They don’t just wait for Superman to solve their problems.

Investigating Kal’s Kryptonian spacecraft, a STAR labs doctor finds the portal to the phantom zone, which Clark explains he remember seeing in Brainiac’s 'knowledge globe' as some kind of Kryptonian’s prison found in another dimension (which explains why didn’t it get destroyed.).

One of the prisoners, Mala, has fulfilled her sentence and asks Kal to release her. After confirming her story with Brainiac’s Orb, he does. She develops powers after being exposed to the yellow sun, just like any Kryptonian would. Superman teaches her how to control her powers, and makes her promise not to hurt any human.

Once Mala makes her presence known by helping Superman stopping some crooks, she hears Lex Luthor exposing some theories about her and Superman wanting to rule the Earth as dictators. She likes the idea. What she doesn’t like, however, is overhearing Kal talking about sending her back to the phantom zone if she doesn’t behave. She eventually betrays her and frees the general Jar-Ux so they can both rule the world, but Kal is there to save the day once more. He places the Phantom Zone projector on the artic, too… and the name ‘Fortress of solitude’ is born.

Superman goes through some new adventures I am not going to talk about much since they don’t imply much change for his personality…

Like saving the earth from a giant machine that feeds from energy (even if he himself freed it from the asteroid it was attached to), being told off for being a sexist boy scout who’s never there when you need it by the musician Leslie Willies (who gets turned into the electricity-controlling villain Livewire when a lighting hits both her and Superman), or racing the Flash, (Wally West, maybe, but it could be Barry Allen), for charity funds. (It seemed like the Flash was going to win by the by, but they get sidetracked by the evil guy of the week, Weather Wizard. Wally and Clark become good friends, best friends even, as will be seen once Clark joins the Justice League... if we assume the Flash in the series is Wally West).

Lex continues to try to make Superman’s life a living hell doing things like trying to clone him. It backfired horribly, since Clark’s Kryptonians genes do not mash up well and the clone degenerates both physically and mentally into ‘Bizzaro’-Superman. It keeps claiming he’s the real superman, but he comprehends he isn’t when the real one risks his life to save Lois Lane.

Lois, being Lois, keeps also getting in trouble. Like the time she won a journalism award and was targeted by a jealous journalist (Lytener). She’s actually suspicious about why is Superman always there to save her… he says they can meet when she’s not about to die, some day. Lois tends to get in trouble, yes, but she’s awesomely kickass herself by the way.

Clark has to face some new and old villains every now and then… like Mxyzpixilat (a funny villain from the 5th dimension that causes havoc until Superman manages to make him say his name backwards); the return of Metalo; The teaming up of Parasite and Liveware, who plan to have Parasite drain Superman’s powers so she can kill her; the retun of Lytener as ‘luminus’, who tries to taint the world with red sun’s light so Superman doesn’t have his powers…

Lois even gets thrown into a parallel world where she died and Superman went crazy, helping Luthor become a dictator.

She’s very prone to get into trouble, as I have already said. Lois’ father (a general that worked with a space center) sent her monkey Titano to space when she was little, and Superman finds it in asteroid twenty years later. It grows and causes havoc and grows some more until they manage to knock it out with gas as Lois distracts it with a toy they used to play with, and scientist manage to control its growing problem.

Braniac comes back again, this time taking Lex hostage to make him rebuild his body. Superman and Lex’s beloved bodyguard, Mercy, discover it and manage to foil his plans- but Lex still wants to keep the body parts since they are copyrighted by LexCorp. The guy never learns, does he? Anyway.

On father’s day, Darkseid’s son Kalibak tries to destroy the Earth and Superman to please his father… the same day Clark’s parents are visiting and get to know Lois. Obviously Superman won’t have any of that, and fights him. Darkseid ends fulminating his son himself, making it clear he doesn’t mind the cost he needs to pay to destroy the Earth. He doesn't answer when Superman asks him who he is, either.

Also, remember Batman? Yeah, Bruce Wayne is Superman’s best friend. They meet when the Joker and Lex Luthor decide to work together (strangers on a train kind of deal), managing to bring them down using both their abilities. In the meantime, Bruce seduces Lois.. but they break up when Lois knows of his secret identity as a vigilante, of which she does not approve. Irony isn't missed by anybody.

Bizarro comes back a while later, overhearing about Superman's fortress of solitude and going to find it. He comes across it, and touches the globe with Krypton's information. He's understanable awe-struck by all of it and tries to turn Metropolis into his own screwed version of Krypton, destruction included. Superman stops him in time, and brings him to a planet, all for him to play with. Bizzaro isn't bad per se, he just has a special way of thinking.

Lex Luthor, with Henry Iron's help, create a body armor with black-light lasers, impact grenade launchers, jet boots, infra red night vision... even Superman is a little jealous himself. The suit is connected to the person that wears it (Officer Mills), and he knows that's dangerous. His suspicions are proven true when Mills becomes addicted to the power it brings. They manage to stop him, and Superman tells Irons that the suit was a good idea if he ever managed to fix the problems it presents.

He does, later, and after helping Superman save the city from another of Metallo's specially hurtful attacks wearing the improved suit himself he becomes known as Steel.

In the end of the season, the spoiled and annoying queen Maxima from the planet Almerac (who must be beaten in combat before she gets wed), thinks she's found her mate on Superman. While she leaves her planet to challenge him, her maid Sazu and the last man that challenged her to try to marry her, De'Cine, being to plan a Coup d'état . Superman manages to hold Maxima and tries to talk her into reason, but she just knocks him out and brings him to her planet, when she finds herself no longer the queen. Superman helps her win the planet back, as long as she understand being a queen is not only making yourself happy, but making your citizens happy too.

Okay, third season... it starts with Superman meeting Orion as he crashes down a boom-tube (Darkseid's known chosen method of moving through dimensions). He explains to them that 'Darkseid is coming'. Superman doesn't know who Darkseid is, since hen ever told him his name when they met. They learn of the story at war between two worlds born out of the same planet: New Genesis (something similar to heaven, with the High Father as their ruler) and Apokolis, the hell that's Darkseid kingdom. The two worlds have a truce. It's then explained Darkseid's going to destroy the Earth in an attempt to find something called 'Anti-Life equation'. It's also revealed Orion is Darkseid's renegade son.

Mannheim, the man he'd tricked by selling weapons that could destroy Superman, is tricked again into making a power plant explode. There's a huge fight that involves parademons, flames, a pire-pit... and Darkseid offering Kal-El the opportunity to join forces since he considers him a worthy opponent, which he predictably refuses. In the end, the Cavalry of New Genesis arrives and proclaims Earth under they protection, so Darksaid cannot destroy it without breaking the truce. Darkseid congratulates his son and leaves... after killing Turpin (Superman police officer friend). Kal-El is furious, devastated.

The next one to appear on Superman's list of Superfriends is... Kara, a teen girl from Krypton's sister planet Argos. Her history is similar to Clark's (she's only survivor of her planet), and her powers are too. She wants to save people too, but Clark thinks she needs to adapt to Earth's life first. She's stubborn though, and she follows Clark into Metropolis to try to help him fight against something called 'Intergang', which seems to be an old woman called 'Granny' mind-controlling people (mostly outcast teens) with her wand. Jimmy Olsen and Kara end getting into their way, and that obviously means trouble. When Superman tries to save them, he ends in Apokolips. Apparently Darkseid changed some meteorites route to destroy the Earth without actually breaking the treat. Supergirl manages to save them almost on her own, and Jimmy Olsen proudly writes an article about her. Clark is really pleased.

Some time later, Superman flies to Gotham when he learns the Batman has disappeared and Robin (the second one, Tim, whom Clark still hasn't met) is taking care of the crime himself. Once Tim realizes Clark knows of Bruce's secret identity, he tells him he'd left him a message saying he was going to be taking care of some business... while he sent a message to his job to say he was going on vacation. SMILING. Obviously not a really Bruce-like behavior. After fighting crime in Gotham dressed up a the Batman with some help from Robin, they find out the true Bruce was being hypnotized by Braniac so he'd build the spaceship he needs to leave the Earth before destroying it. Superman foils his plans, and congratulates Bruce for always finding such good partners.

Aaaaand this is the point I'm taking him from!

Roleplay Sample - Log: 

He knew people didn’t usually get it. That they thought he should be using his surely valuable time and abilities for a much better use- that this was a waste of his time. Clark couldn’t disagree more. Of course stopping crime was important- especially if it threatened Metropolis or the Earth in any way.

But if it was a quiet day, why wasn’t he allowed to reach for a stranded kitten in a tree to give it back to a little crying girl?

“There, little one. Come here… someone let you out of the bag, didn’t they?” He smiled a bit when the cat latched onto his hand, meowing and clawing at his arm desperately. It didn’t hurt him, of course- but he didn’t want the cat to end with no claws or to hurt itself, so he pulled it away from him easily, trying to stroke him to calm it down. It didn’t really work… the cat was obviously too scared to care if the man was being nice with it or not. It didn’t calm down until it jumped into the girl’s arms.

She was crying now, but it wasn’t from sadness or being scared anymore. Happy tears ran down her face now as she rubbed her cheek against the white cat’s fur. She mumbled incoherences, but Kal was able to understand a few grateful words between the mess. He reached to pat her head and she blushed, giggling.

“So what’s the name of the little rebel, sweetheart?” He asked, smiling down at her.

“…Supes.” The girl answered, obviously embarrassed. “W-well it’s… Supercat but we call him Supes for short.”

Kal could swear he felt his heart grow three sizes bigger at that.

Roleplay Sample - Journal: 

Is the collar completely necessary? I’m… honestly asking, I swear I won’t try to escape- or whatever is it you use this thing for. I wouldn’t leave my friends in here, even if I could. I have just always felt really uncomfortable about these… kind of things.

[He sighs, running a hand through his hair. The curl manages to stay in place somehow.]

…I’m just sorry. Sorry that I can’t help; that there’s no way for me to put everybody out of danger. I will try to be here if anybody needs me but I… There’s not much I can do to make all of this better, to lessen the pain.

I’m sorry-

[He clicks the feed off before he’s even able to finish the last word.]

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