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Feb. 8th, 2012 10:14 am
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canonmates - dcau only


Lois Lane

Clark’s best friend, girlfriend and pretty much his anchor to the human world. She looks at him eye-to-eye and just speaks her mind- she always has. There’s so much Clark appreciates and loves about her, it’d be difficult to make a list. She’s just Lois.

She’s the one person Clark will always listen to and his berserk button. Lois hurt or in danger is one of the few things that make Clark truly angry. He really wishes she would stop getting herself in trouble, but deep inside he knows he wouldn't be so infatuated with her if she wasn't like that.

She’s one of those who know Clark and Superman are the same person.


Batman || Bruce Wayne - Terminated

Also one of Clark’s best friends. They might not always get along-

…Actually, let’s face it: 80% of their interaction is based on arguing. Clark’s idealism crashes with Bruce’s matter-of-factly ways. But that’s why they complement each other. Kal trusts Bruce with his life. He obviously knows his secret identity just as Kal knows Bruce's.

Kal accidentally killed him with his ice-breath when his powers were out of control during a trip to an F3 with a blue sun, and he got terminated right after that. Bruce never came back, so Clark never had the chance to apologize. To this day it still kills him.



Batman || Dick Grayson

Bruce’s ward. Ex-Robin, Ex-Nightwing, wears the big black mantle itself now. Clark met him briefly when he was Robin and saw him grow up to Nightwing in his world, even if it went a little different for Dick. He adores how cheerful and nice he is despite all the things he has seen. One of Clark’s adopted batbabies, he's known his secret identity for long.

Clark worries about Dick like a father would even if Dick is technically older. He wishes he could do more to protect him most of the time. He has tried to ask how did Dick get to be the Batman, but he always stops himself before it gets to that. He’s a little afraid of the answer.

Barbara's boyfriend.


Batgirl || Barbara Gordon

Another one of Bruce’s protégées, thus automatically one of Clark's adopted batbabies. He adores Barbara even if there are a few quirks of her personality he doesn't like. Barbara likes being independent and going about things her own way, and sometimes said way doesn't exactly sit well with Clark.

Few things worry him more than Barbara being in danger. He 'freaks out' every time she gets in trouble or dies, even when they knew for sure she'd be back. And she tends to do that quite a lot. Clark still appreciates her though, and wants wothing more than to protect her and let her be happy.

Dick's girlfriend.