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Contact information / HMD

Contact Information

User ◘ Al | LJ | DW
AIM ◘ Daiannecrotalus
Plurk Crotalus
Other characters ◘ Muselist
Timezone ◘ GTM+1

Keep in mind I'd like to know who am I talking to first, though! So tell me who you are if you add me anywhere.

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Permissions meme 
A_fac app 
Cr Chart 


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2016-07-25 11:00 pm

Permisions meme

CHARACTER NAME: Superman / Kal-El / Clark Kent
CHARACTER SERIES: DC: Animated Universe


Backtagging: Please and thank you
Threadhopping: Of course
Fourthwalling: Sure, it'd be hard not to
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing that I can think of now, go wild


Hugging this character: All of the hugs
Kissing this character: Uuuh... sure
Flirting with this character: Haha- I mean, good luck getting him to notice
Fighting with this character: Of course
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, and feel free to kill him
Killing this character: See above ;)
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yeah

Warnings: Superman o_o need I say more

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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A_facilty app

OOC Information:
Name: Al
Age: 20
AIM: Daiannecrotalus
MSN: can you ask first?
Y!M: N/A

IC Information:
Name: Clark Kent (Kal-El / Superman)
Fandom: Superman: The animated series (DC Animated Universe)
Timeline: Season 3, after Knight time 
Age: Past his twenties, let’s say 25?

What planet is he from? )
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2012-08-24 03:32 pm
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App for Tsu Shanshu

Player Information:
Name: Al
Age: Over 22 P:
Contact: Crotalus at plurk or daiannecrotalus on AIM
Game Cast: N/A!

Character Information:
Name: Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El
Canon: DCU, Comics
Canon Point: Superman: World of New Krypton. Kal-El has just saved 100.000 Kryptonians from the bottle city of Kandor and he isn’t alone anymore. The prize he had to pay? The death of his adoptive father. So he’s a little turmoil of mixed emotions right now.
Age: Magical comic age because the main Superheroes get to always look young, what is logic. Plus apparently 6 human years are the equivalent to a single Kryptonian year? And he spent some time in stasis and yellow sunlight powers his cells and also make him look younger… etc.
tL;dr: It’s very hard to pinpoint buuuut he’s around his late 30, 40 at the most.

chahv | tav | non



So, Superman.
And Clark Kent.

It seems a little weird, right? Even though they are both one Kal-El from Krypton, they are also different people. It’s like each represents a part of the whole “Kal-El” as a person, a part of who he is… and very few people get to see both of those parts together.

Clark is the completely normal man in him, who he was raised to be. He grew up thinking he was human, thinking he was a simple farm-boy from Smallville with two loving parents that had done his best to raise him right even though they weren’t his biological parents. He grew up going to school with his best friends Lana Lang and Pete Ross, planning the future with them and imagining what their lives would be. 
He grew up like a normal, Kansas kid.

A lot of people assume Clark is just the disguise, but years of comics have made it clear that isn’t true. Kal has said it plenty of times in the past that he couldn’t live being only ‘Superman’, but whenever he’s lost his powers (and this being comics he’s done that a couple times) he’s done his best to go by with his life as Clark Kent… and still put his life at stake fighting crime without powers. He’s honestly a good guy who tries to get cats out of trees and help old ladies cross the street even if people laugh at him for it and fail to understand why.

He doesn’t believe himself to be better than anyone; he likes his human life to be calm and discrete. He isn’t Superman for the flash of it all, he’s Superman because it’s the best way to help and still get to have a life as a human, a life on his own. Clark adores humanity, he adores his friends and family and he adores Earth. He lost a world… he isn’t going to let anyone take another one away from him. 

He’s essentially the same when he’s being the farm boy shy guy than when he’s flying around in primary colors… but he works hard to keep people from recognizing them. It’s been argued that Clark Kent is the mask and Superman is the real personality… but in the animated universe is pretty clear his Superhero persona is the one he created to save the world, and he’s always been a humble boy from Kansas in the inside.

He’s not quiet or antisocial… he just takes a while to be completely open with people around him. He trusts people almost immediately and will probably believe everything you tell him if you don’t do anything to make him doubt… but he’s still reserved when it comes to some things. He’s unable to lie and you can read his body language like an open book if you want to though, so it never takes long for people to figure him out. Most people think he’s pulling a farm boy act at first, judging by how good he is at getting the best interviews and articles… but a few moments with him will convince you that it’s just who he is. He has a really big heart and he’s willing to help everybody, you see the guy practically oozes humility and naivety in every word.

He’s smart though, and he’s really good at writing. Even Lois admits she’s a little jealous about how he always seems to get the best news even when he apparently wasn’t there. Even as a kid he had always liked informing people and writing, and his parents encouraged it. When he decided to put on the red and blue suit to save the world, having first-hand access to natural disasters and stuff like that only came in handy.

He loves people, and he’s always surrounded by them. Not only that- he loves being liked, he has a need to please everybody and to make everybody happy that has gotten him in trouble more than once. Even if it’s somebody he usually dislikes (and trust me, that list is rather little), as soon as they need him he will run to help them with all he’s got. He thinks everybody deserves the chance to be happy and who’s him to deny them that. He will even do it anonymously sometimes- just seeing the look of happiness in the person he’s helped makes it worth it.

Which is what makes him so different than the other heroes. He doesn’t only save the city he’s in, he actually *cares*. He believes in rehabilitation programs, he always gives villains a second chance if they want it (and a third one, and a fourth one…) and if somebody calls his name he’ll do his best to be there for them. He’s not there just to kick villains butts either- stranded kittens, visiting prisons, youth detention centers and schools to give inspiratory speeches, giving old ladies a hand… there’s nobody too little for him. He’ll take care of everybody who wants him to, and then some who don’t actually want him to help them.

That’s another trait of him- he’s stubborn. He’s not used to being denied or not getting what he wants, so the few times when he doesn’t he tries his best to get it anyway. He isn’t spoiled at all though, he doesn’t ask for much. He comes from a humble family, and he’s never complained about it. He always helped his Pa and Ma when they needed it, and they didn’t even have to ask. He’s really, really proud of his family and he adores them so. He’s never hidden his origins (well, not when he’s Kent anyway) and he thinks he owes everything he is and has to his parents.

And then there’s the Superman side of Kal… if his adoptive parents taught him to be human, his biological ones taught him how to be a hero. He’s very proud of his Kryptonian heritage. Some people say you can’t cry somebody you haven’t met- well, Clark is here to say you can. He didn’t really meet Jor-El or Lara (his Kryptonian parents), but he’s really proud of them and how brave they were by dooming themselves to save their only son. He didn’t build a statue of them on his fortress of solitude for no reason.

Thanks to the movies a lot of people know about the sunstone crystals and Jor-El’s AI. His father’s hologram has taught Kal everything he needed to know about his home-world, his powers and the legacy he brought with him to Earth. Kal wants his biological parents to be as proud as his adoptive ones had always told him they were. He’s the last son of Krypton, his life has to be meaningful in some way. He isn’t going to let his parent’s gift to go to waste.

Like an adopted kid who works hard to find out about his parents, he tries to learn as much as he can about his home world and is quick to accept any new source of information. He might think of himself as a human but he doesn’t deny his Kryptonian heritage. He’s learned all he can about his home world: the language, the culture, the religion… the only thing he has left about Krypton are his sunstones with incredible amounts of information. He is aware the culture could die with him and he won’t let that happen.

So Kal is both human and alien. He’s the farm-boy and the outsider, the reporter and the superhero, the hard-work and the power. He wouldn’t have become what he is with either part of him missing. Trying to understand what part of him is the ‘real’ Kal would be a mistake because both parts of him are just as real.

That’s it for the duality of Clark’s personality, which is a big part of Kal’s persona. But let’s talk a little bit more about the kind of person he really is.

If you had to look for a word to describe Kal it would probably be... “Good”. He’s just a good guy, the eternal boy-scout. He doesn’t fight crime for the honor or fame it might bring, he doesn’t fight to bring justice because his parents were killed, and he doesn’t fight crime because ‘hey, it’s fun’.

He fights crime because if he didn’t, people would get hurt. People would suffer. 

Kal has the strength to turn coal into diamonds and he uses to bring kittens down from trees. He can walk across fire and he does it to save people when the firefighters can’t. He’s one of the most powerful beings DC’s New Earth has and he stops to talk young girls out of suicide, waiting next to them until they are ready to talk about it.

And all of these scenarios have happened in canon.

He really does fight for truth, justice and the American way… whatever that way it might be. It’s gotten to the point where a disappointed look from Superman is way more effective to your common villains than the strength of his punches, nobody wants to disappoint Superman.
Whenever he’s working as Clark Kent in the famous Daily planet he’s a fearless reporter. He almost didn’t get hired because he looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly (and honestly he couldn’t he is a vegan for a reason), but he was able to show he can be as determined to get the truth out in any way that’s needed as one Lois Lane.

Again, he didn’t become a reporter because he liked the thrill of investigating and running up and down to try to get the news. He became a reporter because it was an easy way to be there if anyone needed him… and because he liked it.

He liked getting the truth out, liked being able to tell things as they are and allow people to know what was happening around them. This is why he’s working at the Daily Planet, not anywhere else. Other newspapers gave up when Lex owned almost the whole city of Metropolis, but the Daily Planet kept on being truthful and telling the world what Lex was doing behind their backs, until they almost had to close down.


As Clark Kent, he works hard not to be noticed, and that shows on his appearance too. Tall, but not too tall. Well-build, but not to the point of being noticeable because of it (mostly because he hides himself inside of his way-too-big suits). He uses glasses to hide his bright blue eyes, has dark soft hair slicked back to hide a certain curl, a shy smile that he usually hides behind his computer or the book or newspaper he’s reading... he just looks really average, in every sense. He’s handsome if you stop and look at him twice, but you probably won’t unless somebody points it out to you.

As Superman, however… he’s himself, in all of his ‘glory’. He lets his hair free, the playful curl bobbing against his hair as he flies. The costume, bright vivid colors, is thought to draw attention to himself; not as a way to seek attention though, it’s just another way to make sure any possible attacks go directed at him instead of innocent by-standers.
He’s muscular, big and tall (exact same size as Clark Kent, how curious), and has powerful blue eyes that turn red every time he uses his heath vision.

OH and his chin is quite square-y. I personally find it cute.

So tl;dr: he’s tall, strong and good-looking in that Kansas farm boy kind of way. He might not be the Hollywoodian ideal of beauty but he is really handsome, and that is specially seen when he’s floating around and wearing primary colors. He doesn't really differentiate from a human in any sense physically, but he's been told his eyes are from a color not seen on Earth before.


Oh man, here we go. Kal was born Kryptonian, which means he’s a super-powered alien.

His powers are:

- Superhuman strength (can move cars and stuff with relative ease, breaks things by touching them if he’s not careful, etc).
- Superhuman speed (He’s raced the Flash. Just. Saying.)

- Practically invulnerable (It’s been shown things like… a nuclear bomb could hurt him).
- Quick healing, which also gives him longevity to some extent.

- Ice breath.
- Able to hold his breath for a very long time.

- Heath-vision (aka has the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes).
- X-ray vision.

- Telescopic and microscopic vision.

- Super hearing.
- Eidetic memory (or photographic memory).

- Super stamina (takes a lot for him to get tired, doesn’t really need to sleep more than 2-3 hours a day…)

- Flight (the ability to control gravity’s pull as he pleases).

Feel free to tell me if I need to clarify any of them. Keep in mind they tend to… uh, be kind of variable. Writers, geez.

His non-superhuman abilities are basically

- Trained fighter, obviously not to the level of some of his friends but he could defend himself if he had to.
- He's smart. He couldn't be one of the most famous reporters in Metropolis if he wasn't. He's won some Pulitzers and everything.
- He speaks a lot of languages. Like, a lot. Some aren’t even from Earth.  

As for weaknesses (I suppose this would be the place to put them):

There’s the obvious Kryptonite, remains of his planet turned radioactive to him after it was destroyed. He’s also vulnerable to magic, as shown every time he fights Captain Marvel (whose powers come mostly from magic).

And finally, since his powers come from being born under a red sun (meaning his cells drink from the energy the Earth’s young yellow sun provides, giving him the super powers), he’d become powerless like a normal human being were he exposed to a red sun’s light again.

Inventory: He’ll just appear with his super-suit, which has the Clark Kent glasses and his engagement ring in the hidden pockets.


In-Character Samples:
Third Person:

He knew people didn’t usually get it. That they thought he should be using his surely valuable time and abilities for a much better use- that this was a waste of his time. Clark couldn’t disagree more. Of course stopping crime was important- especially if it threatened Metropolis or the Earth in any way. If there was any more cries for help, any chance of somebody getting hurt he wouldn’t be here.


But if it was a quiet day, why wasn’t he allowed to reach for a stranded kitten in a tree to give it back to a little crying girl?


“There, little one. Come here… someone let you out of the bag, didn’t they?” He smiled a bit when the cat latched onto his hand, meowing and clawing at his arm desperately. It didn’t hurt him, of course- but he didn’t want the cat to end with no claws or to hurt itself, so he pulled it away from him easily, trying to stroke him to calm it down. It didn’t really work… the cat was obviously too scared to care if the man was being nice with it or not. It didn’t calm down until it jumped into the girl’s arms.


She was crying now, but it wasn’t from sadness or being scared anymore. Happy tears ran down her face now as she rubbed her cheek against the white cat’s fur. She mumbled incoherences, but Kal was able to understand a few grateful words between the babbling mess. He reached to pat her head and she blushed, giggling. If they couldn’t understand this was all the reward he needed for something like this then so be it, he was happy doing this. He was happy to help.


“So what’s the name of the little rebel, sweetheart?” He asked, smiling down at her.


“…Supes.” The girl answered, obviously embarrassed. “W-well it’s… Supercat but we call him Supes for short.”


Kal could swear he felt his heart grow three sizes bigger at that.


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Memory Transfer Stuff

Canon memories
  • Meeting Lois - Midnighter
  • Meeting Bruce - Batgirl
  • Meeting Kara
  • The first time he flew - America
  • Restraining himself from punching some bullies in high-school, because of his powers - Galatea
  • Learning about Krypton and his parents from Brainiac's orb

A_fac memories
  • Talking with Midnighter about his husband, when he wasn't in the facility yet
  • Training Rainbow Dash about her flying
  • Killing Bruce - Damian
  • Showing the facility he's now in a woman's body, yes, let's move on - Carol
  • Dying when the Reavers attacked 
  • The fight with Carol and Apollo as Lois's body was retrieved to be incinerated - Fujino

I can add any memory you'd like!

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2012-02-08 10:14 am
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CR chart

canonmates - dcau only


Lois Lane

Clark’s best friend, girlfriend and pretty much his anchor to the human world. She looks at him eye-to-eye and just speaks her mind- she always has. There’s so much Clark appreciates and loves about her, it’d be difficult to make a list. She’s just Lois.

She’s the one person Clark will always listen to and his berserk button. Lois hurt or in danger is one of the few things that make Clark truly angry. He really wishes she would stop getting herself in trouble, but deep inside he knows he wouldn't be so infatuated with her if she wasn't like that.

She’s one of those who know Clark and Superman are the same person.


Batman || Bruce Wayne - Terminated

Also one of Clark’s best friends. They might not always get along-

…Actually, let’s face it: 80% of their interaction is based on arguing. Clark’s idealism crashes with Bruce’s matter-of-factly ways. But that’s why they complement each other. Kal trusts Bruce with his life. He obviously knows his secret identity just as Kal knows Bruce's.

Kal accidentally killed him with his ice-breath when his powers were out of control during a trip to an F3 with a blue sun, and he got terminated right after that. Bruce never came back, so Clark never had the chance to apologize. To this day it still kills him.



Batman || Dick Grayson

Bruce’s ward. Ex-Robin, Ex-Nightwing, wears the big black mantle itself now. Clark met him briefly when he was Robin and saw him grow up to Nightwing in his world, even if it went a little different for Dick. He adores how cheerful and nice he is despite all the things he has seen. One of Clark’s adopted batbabies, he's known his secret identity for long.

Clark worries about Dick like a father would even if Dick is technically older. He wishes he could do more to protect him most of the time. He has tried to ask how did Dick get to be the Batman, but he always stops himself before it gets to that. He’s a little afraid of the answer.

Barbara's boyfriend.


Batgirl || Barbara Gordon

Another one of Bruce’s protégées, thus automatically one of Clark's adopted batbabies. He adores Barbara even if there are a few quirks of her personality he doesn't like. Barbara likes being independent and going about things her own way, and sometimes said way doesn't exactly sit well with Clark.

Few things worry him more than Barbara being in danger. He 'freaks out' every time she gets in trouble or dies, even when they knew for sure she'd be back. And she tends to do that quite a lot. Clark still appreciates her though, and wants wothing more than to protect her and let her be happy.

Dick's girlfriend.